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= Teenage Author & Poet =

A Young New England Writer

Work Ongoing Here… Welcome to the Clocktower Books website(s) for a young Connecticut author named A. T. Nager. This website is currently in work, and therefore not yet complete. We are just beginning to introduce the world to his work.

For his poetry, please go the Teenage Poet website. For now, you can also click on the image at right.

For his fiction, the website for that is not yet working. We hope to have it all online and functioning by summer 2017. He has completed one major novel, a far future history on the grand scale, in the tradition of Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, Cordwainer Smith's Norstrilia classic, and many other imaginative works of speculative fiction. The title of A. T. Nager's novel is Cosmopolis: City of the Universe. It has already received praise from publishers who have considered the proposal, and is as ambitious as the title suggests. More on that in early to mid 2017 from Clocktower Books.

A. T. Nager, Connecticut Writer. More info any moment. Stand by and thanks. Site is in development by Clocktower Books. The young author, a college student and already published poet, can't wait to let you read his poetry and fiction. His submission (an opinion article) won a statewide writing award from the Hartford newspaper in the category Informal Essay. He hopes to become a professional novelist and editor after college. Several New York publishing houses have expressed an interest in his work.